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Le Touquet Paris Plage

A short walk from our hotel

"The peal of the Opal Coast", "The four seasons resort", "The gardens of the Channel"... There is no shortage of names to highlight Le Touquet's assets. These include the town itself, with the unusual buildings which characterise the touquetois style. This style, Le Touquet's brand, is a legacy from the 1920s, when a few architects competed with imaginative designs to build several thousand villas, livening up the streets of Le Touquet for decades to come. A certain number of these buildings have now been listed as historic monuments. These include the town hall, the hippodrome, the market, and the Tata Ice villa, with its pink hue and cubist shapes.

At the lighthouse overlooking the Canche estuary, from the height of its 53 meters, you can enjoy an unforgettable view including the fortifications of Montreuil and a section of the Opal Coast, as far as Artois. You can also visit the old lighthouse keeper's cottage, where you can learn more about the region. Or if you prefer nature reserves, you can enjoy breathing the salty sea air out at the Pointe du Touquet (at the end of the Canche estuary), still a wild area, and the 800 hectares of forest at the site.