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The Opal Coast

from our seaside hotel

The Opal Coast, which stretches from Berk to the Belgian border, was given its name by the writer Edouard Lévêque, because of the beauty of its light. It encompasses the town of Boulogne-sur-Mer, where the main tourist attraction is the national sea life centre, Nausicaà, which is both fun and educational. It is visited by 600,000 people every year, who come to see the wide range of species on show in the aquarium. In Dunkirk, don't miss the beautiful Leughenaer tower, or the lively Mardi Gras carnival. In Calais, you can visit the Geut tower, in the centre of the town, or the musée des Beaux-Arts, which boasts impressive collections. The town hall is also a fascinating building, with its red exterior and stylised architecture.

Whilst staying at our hotel by the sea, you can easily explore the landscapes which gave the Opal Coast its name. Not far away on the coast, two headlands offer breathtaking and wild views. Cap Gris-Nez, with its 50 metre rocky cliffs, is the closest point to the English coast, which is just 30 kilometres away and can also be seen from the top of the lighthouse. Cap Blanc-Nez, with its chalk cliffs, is 150 metres high. Together, the headlands form a protected nature reserve, the jewel of the Opal Coast and a home to migratory birds, as well as some rare species.